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What do I do when I see an unauthorized transaction on my account?

It is important to act quickly to protect yourself and to stop any further unauthorized charges. Please immediately contact us (help@payby.com) and report an unauthorized charge. Customers who meet the “Eligibility Criteria” below can apply for the chargeback.+ Fraudulent transactions made on your PayBy account (Balance or Bank Card).+ Fraudulent transactions made on your bank card used by another PayBy account.If the PayBy account holder has any false, illegal, fraudulent, abnormal, or the PayBy account holder has any behavior that violates the provisions of the "PayBy User Agreement", etc. due to the failure to carry out real-name authentication, or the PayBy account holder is suspected of abnormal transactions but refuses to cooperate when PayBy conducts an investigation, and PayBy reserves the right to refuse such PayBy account holders from applying the chargeback and to close PayBy account.

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Is it safe about the bank card bound to PayBy?

PayBy has a powerful information security system, which can carry out 24-hour risk monitoring and processing. The fast payment with bank card is also monitored by PayBy security system with full risk verification and monitoring, which can keep your account and funds safe anytime and anywhere. You could use it safely.

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Bind bank card to PayBy, what are the benefits?

After binding your bank card, you only need to select your bank card and enter the payment password to complete the payment. There is no need to enter the bank card number and other information every time, which is convenient for online payment and convenient for your life without leaving your home.

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What is PayBy's compensation policy?

Fund loss caused by takeover of PayBy account, including direct loss caused by others' expenditure without your authorization, such as account balance, bank account funds bound with quick payment, transfer within the validity period and red envelope, etc., after verification, the claim will be 100% settled. If the user scans the suspicious QR code, virus or Trojan, resulting in the fraud of account funds, the merchant's receipt RQ code is maliciously replaced or transferred, and the loss of funds can also be claimed. Through PayBy's reasonable judgment, it can be proved that PayBy account holder gets the direct or indirect benefits brought by the transaction or information, or the information provided by the user is insufficient to prove that the authorized operation is an unauthorized operation, and the user shall bear the fund loss, including but not limited to the following situations: An authorized operation initiated by the user's spouse, relative, friend or employee, agent, etc. For example, the operation behavior of capital expenditure occurs in the trusted network environment (such as common equipment, IP, verification through SMS, etc.), or there are suspicious circumstances such as the inconsistency between the user's statement and the facts investigated by PayBy. Loss of personal certificates and communication tools due to personal reasons, failure to report the loss of personal information in time, resulting in the leakage of the bank card or failure to timely modify the account password. User clicks an illegal link, the phishing website, and discloses the bank card or account information and so on the fund loss caused by other third parties. Fund loss caused by fraud, coercion, or other acts of others. The user lends out an account or card, authorizes another person to perform an operation, etc.

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