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What is the benefit of being a verified user?

A verified user has access to all PayBy services, and enjoy a holding limit of AED 20,000, a transaction limit of AED 10,000, and a daily spending limit of AED 10,000.The unverified user will not be able to use

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Where can I pay with PayBy?

Offline:-        In-stores: You can use PayBy in offline stores: Click the link to find the stores which can accept PayBy https://m.payby.com/merchant-location/list ; you can also visit it on PayBy homepage.-  

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Should I recharge PayBy balance or add a bank card on PayBy ?

To ensure that you can pay successfully, you need to recharge your PayBy account in advance or add a bank card on PayBy.-        Recharge: support online debit card recharge, or offline cash recharge via uPay K

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How to pay with PayBy online and offline?

PayBy supports in store payment and online payment.1. Offline payment: please click “PAY” on PayBy or IM apps (ToTok and Botim) and display your payment QR code to cashier. The cashier will scan your payment QR

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What If I lost my phone?

As your payment password will be verified when login the account and settle the payment, so please don’t worry about the account security if you lost your phone. For safety, please login your PayBy account on a

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What if I forget my password?

PayBy will verify your payment password when you login or pay. If you forget, please click “Forgot Password” to reset your payment password.Password is important for your account security, please don’t disclose

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